I often wonder who is more confused?




As I struggle to get to grips with, not who I am, but what I do.   If I find it difficult sometimes, then so must you.

This site is about what I do. I do lots of things. I cannot say “I am a doctor” or “I am a gardener” because I do more than one thing. I do not fit into any of the boxes that society wants me to fit into. Neither does my web site.

First and foremost I am an audio visual producer. That’s what I did before (and still do now). I’ve been at it over 30 years.

Simultaneously, I have a network marketing business that I started in 2001, just after 9/11 and the NYC attacks. I realised at that time that having all my eggs in the conference market was just not good enough. For the third time my “successful” business failed due to political and economic circumstances beyond my control. Yet I had to be responsible for it.

A second income stream was the first step in learning how to be independent of the system.

Sec Income copy

Then like the layers of a cake, I have added other means of providing valuable services to others. Being of service to others comes with its rewards. It provides a feeling of accomplishment and is often accompanied by financial recompense. Being grateful is the next step which leads to satisfaction and happiness.

Most recently I have taken on a portfolio of holiday rental homes in Tenerife. These are short-term rentals for people who want to stay in their own private house during their holidays, from luxury villas with pools, to small studio apartments.

This has led on to property maintenance for people who own houses and apartments in Tenerife but who live in the UK. We manage, maintain and keep secure their homes whilst they are not here.

Happiness is the true measure of success; I mean it is a better measure than money or lifestyle.



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