Live for today. Follow your star.

If I could only give you one gift, a present – it would be “Live for today. Follow your star.” For one day it will all be over. If that sounds a little depressing, I am sorry. It is important to do whatever you do, as best as you can, as soon as you can. And happiness will be the true measure of your success. I mean it is a better measure than money or lifestyle.

I hope that you too have had the good fortune to do many things well in your life. I know I have done, and as well as I could. If you haven’t then maybe I can pass on a little hard-won experience, help you to be a modern-day thriving survivor, and help you to get out of the daily misery that we can see happening all around us.

I advocate having a few different ways to make money. Why? Because we live in an uncertain world where we don’t know what’s going to happen next and when it does happen it happens fast, faster than ever before. And if we can’t have control then the next best option is to have choices.